Chord Perfect Choir Packs

    – Let Your Choir Find a Better Voice –

      Chord Perfect provides Choir Packs for many of our rehearsal aids.

      Each Choir Pack contains a 50 Free Download Coupon, permitting up to 50 downloads of any Chorus Rehearsal Aid from the same work – Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass – all for free!

      Anyone with a Free Download Coupon code can download any “Master Class” Chorus Rehearsal Aid from the same work so, if for example you purchase a Soprano Chorus Rehearsal Aid, you can then provide, completely without charge: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass rehearsal packs from the same work to as many as fifty of your fellow choir members.

      Chord Perfect Choir Packs come free with every “Master Class” Chorus Rehearsal Aid you purchase directly from

      Very simply, buy one Rehearsal Aid, get another fifty for free!

    How do they work?

    • Purchase from the Chord Perfect website any “Master Class” Chorus Rehearsal Aid for any voice [SABT] for the work you intend to practice.
    • Your 50 Free Download coupon code is provided within the email that comes with your purchase.
    • Distribute this coupon code among your fellow choir members.
    • They then perform the same process of purchasing the Chorus Rehearsal Aid of their choice from the Chord Perfect website but, rather than pay for the package at checkout, they simply enter the coupon code instead, and they can then download their chosen package for free.